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Ojea Electronics offers solutions tailored to your needs and desires. Notably thanks to our experience and our motivation, we can offer you a total "synchronization" of your home according to your desires. Blinds, heating, multimedia, all components can be automated and controlled using a simple and intuitive interface.


Whether it's a new construction or an existing facility, do not hesitate to contact us.


And ecology in all this? Everyone talks about LEDs but not all are suitable for all uses.


With the help of our local suppliers and our experience of "light management" combining luminosity, blinds and LEDs, we can offer you lighting solutions tailored to your needs and thus lower your electricity consumption.



The network is the backbone of the current home. Internet, audio, video, connected objects but also security.


Today the network is omni-present and for this reason it must be perfectly "organized". Our experience allows us to offer you the most reliable and efficient solutions according to your needs.


Whether it is wired and / or Wi-Fi, Ojea Electronics will provide you with the best possible and available performance of your installation.


Installations or advice, we also offer solutionss as home solutions such as cinema, video, television, projector and signal distribution (cable television, swisscom TV, cablecom, etc.).


What about security? We propose to you either to integrate the security system to the home automation system or a completely separate unit, linked or not with the agency of security of your choice.


Contact us for more information.



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Smart Home | Lights
Multimédia | Security


Head Office:

Ojea Electronics Sàrl

Route des Ilettes 13A

1869 Massongex

(+41) 027 519 01 49

About Ojea Electronics

Ojea Electronics Sàrl is a young and dynamic company. With 10 years of experience in the electronics and computer fields, Kevin Ojea has established himself as a Home Automation Integrator. Whether it's advice, studies, expertise, or installations, Ojea Electronics remains at your disposal for all your requests.

Our technical luggages:

Our various skills acquired as well as the training concluded by certificates allow us to offer you personalized advice tailored to your needs.

Quality partners:


We are specialists in our field, which also sets limits on our skills. This is why we use qualified partners to carry out your projects in the best possible conditions.

An accompanying person in a technological world:


We are at your disposal for new works, renovations or simple updates of your installation and according to your needs.

We can also offer you a personalized assistance and maintenance service.







Project Studie

Ojea Electronics Sàrl agrees with you and / or your architect to study your project and thus propose the most optimal solutions in integration.

Our integration services:

- Lighting

- Multimedia

- Computer Network

- Security

- Heating

- Presence

- And much more

We have the skills to support various "known" protocols in addition to the main home automation system such as: * Zwave, * Zigbee, * Enocean as well as Apple * Homekit.

* These protocols are supported by adding accounting modules proposed and tested by Ojea Electronics Sàrl




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